Please feel free to browse this section, as well as highlighting our services on offer to you it is also full of information on the some times tortuous rules, regulations and hoops to jump through here in Thailand if you wish to buy, sell or rent a property. Either browse online or download our pdf files (click above left to download the free adobe acrobat reader software).

Our Philosophy

We are well aware of the global reputation estate agents carry, we as both buyers and sellers personally have exactly the same opinion - which is why we are determined to turn these preconceptions around and demonstrate to you the caring face of Real Estate, where everybody benefits and processes run smoothly.
Of greatest importance to us is knowing your property first hand, its failings as well as its unique selling points, from how you legally own it to how much it costs to run per month. We cannot recommend a property and pass on this information to prospective buyers if it isn't personal to us. This attention to detail and background knowledge makes viewings more successful and productive, website entries and printed details more informative thus saving everyone concerned a lot of heartache as deals progress.

We guarantee to be knowledgeable and familiar with all our listed properties

Resale properties in Phuket suffer due to the higher commissions offered to Agents by Developers. Most potential buyers are shown new builds first whether this is requested or not! We don't intend to work in this way. Yes, we have new developments on our books but working and living on Phuket makes us well aware, as no doubt you are also, of the disadvantages and shortcomings within the building industry, what is promised is not always what is delivered. Our integrity and experience dictates that the properties we sell are not going to be "Homes from Hell".

In-house Design & Web Development

Our in-house design studio, is dedicated to our website, graphic design and marketing strategies and has over 25 years experience both in Asia and in the United Kingdom. This ensures that the website is continually updated, upgraded and represented to the highest possible standards, printwork is professionally produced and monitored and that we stay at the forefront of advanced marketing technologies such as social networking and smart phone applications. Having a dedicated IT department is one of the assets which sets us apart from the competition, ensuring our responses to change and requests is immediate and correct.

In today's market and in Phuket in particular both buyer's and seller's demand a higher level of service and... why not!