cyan siam buyers guide

Our Mission - Service, Service, Service

After a number of years buying, selling and renting out properties in the UK and abroad for personal use and investment, with the intention of continuing to build a property portfolio in South East Asia, it quickly became clear to us that certain problems exist for both buyer and seller in Phuket.

CyanSiam was established to make property transactions less stressful for all parties concerned. We promise to make the process a more personal and caring experience and to listen very carefully to you, our clients.

Our aim is to tell you the truth, whether you are buying, selling or renting... whether you like it or not... we want YOU to be impressed with the level of service provided and walk away from us happy with a job well done.

Introduction - Meet the Team

Debbie Allen - Sales Director

Debbie relocated to Phuket 5 years ago from the UK after successfully building a property portfolio in Dubai, Florida and the UK. With a desire to expand her personal investments locally, Debbie saw an opportunity in the Real Estate market to give customers, whether buying, selling or renting a more personalized service with as little stress involved as possible. She worked tirelessly throughout 2011/2012 to research the market, build contacts and complete the groundwork required to set up a business and website such as this.