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Selling Costs

Who pays what?

Condos and Private Sales:

Specific Business Tax:
Seller (if selling within 3 yrs)

Stamp Duty:
Seller (exempt if business tax due)

Transfer Fees:

Withholding Tax:


Why should I use an agent?

Using an agent will allow your property to been seen by a broader market. An agent should also advise you regarding valuation, property condition and give you feedback.

Land Titles

Can I sell with a Nor Sor 3 Gor Title?

Yes you can but you would be advised to apply to upgrade to a Chanote Title as buyers will be wary and this will reflect on your asking price.

Land Measurements

What is a 'Rai'?

A Rai is the Thai measurement of land.

1 Rai equals 1,600 m²
2.529 Rai equals 1 Acre (4,000 m ²)

How to Proceed

I want to sell, what now?

First collect all relevant documents together. Make sure you property is presentable and any repairs have been carried out. If using an agent, call and make an appointment for them to visit the property to give a valuation, take details and discuss commissions and marketing.

General Questions

Can I sell if I have a tenant?

Yes, there are buyers looking for investment properties and having a tenant in place can be an advantage. If the tenancy is due for renewal and you wish to keep the tenant you should inform them of your intention to sell, that there will be viewings and have a shorter tenancy agreement with options to renew if the property is still on the market.

Can I list with more than one agent?

Generally yes, CyanSiam does not insist on a sole agency agreement. We do ask for the selling price to be consistant with all agents marketing the property. You will find most agents on Phuket are happy to work together and split commissions if one has a buyer and the other has the property on their books.

cyan siam buyers guide

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Thank you for considering CyanSiam as your property sale partner

Your first question will be 'how much will it cost to sell through CyanSiam?

Our Packages

We offer you two options dependent on the value and location of your property. CyanSiam will advise which option is the best for you once we have assessed your property.

Note: The Reservation Deposit is to hold the property whilst a buyer initiates all matters to proceed with the sale. This is non refundable if the buyer does not wish to proceed with the sale and will be split 50/50 between you and CyanSiam. If you, the seller, does not proceed, then the deposit is forfeited by you.
Depending on yours and the buyer's payment agreements as agreed by both parties, the commission is payable in line with the purchase payment plan.
It is advised that all monies be deposited in an Escrow Account.

Please be aware that sellers must be able to show a Title Deed in their name or that the property can be sold with no encumbrances.

Basic Package

Commission only sale - 4% of the sale price + VAT

Initial placement on front page of website (rotating position)
Photos of property if required
Standard Property details in print & pdf format*
Front of property signage (if required)
All viewings accompanied by a CyanSiam representative
Reservation Agreement & non refundable deposit of 100k THB taken

*please note that we have an in-house Graphic & Web Design Studio

Custom Package

20,000 THB initial fee + Commission 3% of the sale price + VAT

Property of the week placement on the front page of the website
Front page placement for one month
Front page once a month
Professional Photography of your property*
Professional Brochure in print and pdf format*
Front of property signage (if required)*
All viewings accompanied by a CyanSiam representative
Reservation Agreement & non refundable deposit of 100k THB taken

*please note that we have an in-house Graphic & Web Design Studio

2 Optional Extras

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Aerial Photography

Enable your customers to view your property from above with stills shots or take the fully interactive route with a 360 degree virtual tours or even produce a full promotional DVD video. All of these can be included in your CyanSiam listing and also within your own website if required.

Open Days

CyanSiam can host fully staffed open house tours of your property, publicised in the local media, posters and via the internet. A perfect way to attract more attention to your residence. Also an opportunity to bring more potential customers to your doorstep and give them the welcome they deserve.

Floor Plans

Our in-house design studio will produce high quality floor plans for use on the website and in your printed details from your blueprints or we can come along and measure up for you. Providing potential buyer's with floor plans can help them in many ways from buying furniture to planning rennovations, therefore helping you to achieve a sale.

International Marketing

Advertise your property in any of the leading International Property Magazines, we can provide professional quality artwork and placement bookings. Obviously, the greater your exposure in the international market. the greater your chances of a succesful sale.

3 Our Sales Philosophy

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Ok, now we have the financial aspects out of the way, here is a brief explanation of our sales philosophy:

How will we sell your property and why should you ask us to do so?

Firstly we are well aware of the global reputation estate agents carry, we as both buyers and sellers personally have exactly the same opinion – which is why we are determined to turn these preconceptions around and demonstrate to you the caring face of Real Estate, where everybody benefits and processes run smoothly.
We do not wish to have hundreds, indeed thousands of properties listed with us. Of greatest importance to us is knowing your property first hand, its failings as well as its unique selling points, from how you legally own it to how much it costs to run per month. We cannot recommend a property and pass on this information to prospective buyers if it isn't personal to us. This attention to detail and background knowledge makes viewings more successful and productive, website entries and printed details more informative thus saving everyone concerned a lot of heartache as deals progress.

We guarantee to be knowledgeable and familiar with your property.

Resale properties in Phuket suffer due to the higher commissions offered to Agents by Developers. Most potential buyers are shown new builds first whether this is requested or not! We don't intend to work in this way. Yes, we have new developments on our books but working and living on Phuket makes us well aware, as no doubt you are also, of the disadvantages and shortcomings within the building industry, what is promised is not always what is delivered. Our integrity and experience dictates that the properties we sell are not going to be "Homes from Hell".
Our in-house design studio, is dedicated to our website, graphic design and marketing strategies and has over 25 years experience both in Asia and in the United Kingdom. This ensures that the website is continually updated, upgraded and represented to the highest possible standards, printwork is professionally produced and monitored and that we stay at the forefront of advanced marketing technologies such as social networking and smart phone applications. Having a dedicated IT department is one of the assets which sets us apart from the competition, ensuring our responses to change and requests is immediate and correct.
Being a new company, here on the island, achieving the highest search engine rankings is not immediate but the target we are working towards

In today's market and in Phuket in particular both buyer's and seller's demand a higher level of service and...why not!

4 Our Service to You

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Communication is essential and we will provide you with:

Web statistics on your property
Number of enquiries received
Viewing comments

Based on the above, we will meet with you to reassess matters every month. Although we hope that all sales go through quickly we have to be realistic in this financial climate and the process can take more time than either yourself as seller or we as agents would like. We will maintain contact with prospective purchasers to be able to keep you informed of any reasons your property fell short of their expectations.


Needs to be unbiased – this applies to you, the seller, by way of the valuation of your property which can affected by many factors such as the homes available for sale around you and by the condition of your property itself.
Your property has faults? sorry, we will mention these. A poorly presented or neglected property will not sell easily and offers will be low. We are happy to work with you to put things right or recommend that the valuation takes these factors into account as any buyers will quickly discover hidden defects, affecting your sale and our reputation. Potential buyers must be made aware of such problems before they commit. No one wants to get halfway through a sale for it to fall through due to misrepresentation.


We are well aware that on a rainy day or when a break from the beach is needed by certain members of the public they will come knocking at our door and consequently yours. This is going to happen no matter what questions are asked of potential buyers. We will attempt to weed out persistent offenders but you won't be happy and neither will we if they are turned away and happened to have won the lottery last week!

5 Marketing Strategy

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CyanSiam Property Details

Our details will be carefully monitored and sent to you for approval before printing and admission to our website:


Professionally written copy for appeal and accuracy
High quality and high resolution photographs
Fast and reliable server (based in California, USA)*
Fast turn around on amendments or price changes
Accurate mapwork (including Google Earth and Google Maps)
Clearly defined enquiry, viewing and contact areas
Fully searchable
Ease of navigation
SEO in place
*we, unfortunately, cannot guarantee local internet connection speeds


Professionally written for appeal and accuracy
High quality colour photographs
Designed around your Property & our Corporate Identity
Accurate mapwork and directions
Clearly defined contact details
High grade stock


We will aim to give you at least 24 hours notice and the option to accept a same day appointment.
Viewings will always be accompanied by a knowledgeable agent
We prefer if arrangements were made for the property to be vacated if possible during a viewing

6 Contact Us

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We at CyanSiam have individually bought, sold, built, renovated, and rented out properties across the island. Experienced the highs and lows of the island life, had good advice and bad. Fallen into some of the traps unique to Thailand and climbed back out the other side. Now is the time for us to share our knowledge, experience and honesty for the benefit of all concerned, with the minimum amount of stress. Quite simply, we wish to sell your property at the best price possible in the shortest possible time with the least amount of effort on your behalf so you are free to enjoy the life you deserve.
Thank you for taking the time to read through this information. If you have any questions please contact us, we are happy to discuss any points with you.

Residential Sales
Sales Director
Mobile: ++66 (0) 840 522 811

Residential Rentals
Rentals Director
Mobile: ++66 (0) 819 062 596

Sales & Rentals Representative
Mobile: ++66 (0) 802 088 108

General Enquiries
Office: Tel: ++66 (0) 763 83059
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