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Full Service Rentals

Why have a full service rental?

Even if you already have a Management Company to look after your property they do not always provide everything a potential guest requires. Also guests like to have one contact from when they choose their accommodation, they feel safer.

Rental Market

Do people want to rent holiday villas in Phuket?

Yes, the market has increased over the last 4 years with people coming from Singapore and Hong Kong for a few days over weekends to longer bookings from Europe.


What services are tourists looking for?

There is a market for basic rentals right up to the large luxury villas with a full staff. If you want to cater to the basic market then providing simple accommodation with a maid service two or three times a week will suffice. The rate you charge should reflect this but you will be marketing to a wider audience. Luxury properties should be providing a similar service to a hotel, linen changes every 3 days at least, toiletries, daily maid service and airport pickups. The property should be fully equipped.


Why do I need a Management Company?

A Management Company is employed to look after your property whether it is rented or not. CyanSiam include maintenance in our Management Package which ensures that the property is always maintained to a high standard and is ready for occupation by yourself or your guests. In this climate it is not advised to leave a property shut up for too long, for example electrical items seize up and pest control is necessary.

How to Proceed

I want to rent my property, what now?

If your location is suitable for renting to tourists then you should make sure your property is equipped with everything a guest may require. CyanSiam can provide a Rental Set Up Package or advise you what you need to buy. Your rates will be dictated by the location, size and condition of your property.

General Questions

I am already renting but have no bookings?

A number of factors may be to blame, your rates are too high for the type of property and/or location, to much competition and your property does not look as good as the others, or whoever is marketing it is not replying to enquiries quick enough. Make a few changes and see what happens.

cyan siam holiday lettings guide

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If you would prefer to download this information as a PDF brochure to print out and read at your leisure simply click the link below

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Download PDF

If you would prefer to download this information as a PDF brochure to print out and read at your leisure simply click the link below

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What does it Cost You?

20% (+VAT) of the total rental amount

What do CyanSiam do for You?

Listing on Cyan Siam website
Professional photography and copywriting service
Deposit and final payment collection
Arranging transportation for arrival & departure
Greeting clients
Welcome pack
Co-ordinating with villa housekeeper and staff
Management company co-ordination
Client troubleshooting with regard to unforseen circumstances
Advising & arranging client excursions
Informing owner/management of essential maintenance requirements
Bi Monthly updates & expenditure report
Inventory check after departure
  (A full inventory should be provided to Cyan Siam before listing)

2 Basic Rental Package

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What does it Cost You?

12% (+VAT) of the total rental amount

What do CyanSiam do for You?

Listing on CyanSiam website
  (photos & copy to be provided by owner to CyanSiam's specifications)
Booking Management
Deposit and final payment collection
Liaison with management/staff

Who is it suitable for?

Properties already in the rental market
Properties with on site management facilities
Owners requiring extra rentals only
If required we can quote for the following services:

Professional photography
Website Design
Staff - Housekeepers, Maids, Gardeners, Pool

3 Notes

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CyanSiam offer clients booking holiday accommodation through us a 5 star experience which ensures repeat bookings and many recommendations to use our villas and apartments.

We have established connections with other agents here and abroad. All bookings made through our site are secured by contract, requiring a booking fee and security deposit. Clients are advised to take out their own insurance.

In the event of a cancellation, the booking fee is non refundable and will be split 50/50 between the property owner and CyanSiam. Under certain circumstances a cancellation may be dealt with differently by CyanSiam upon consultation with the owner. Please refer to our rental terms and conditions to be assured of how we deal with bookings.

Happy with what you have read? ...then please contact us so we can arrange to view your property.

CyanSiam Owner Services Package

1 Management Package

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When purchasing the Management package this automatically includes the Maintenance Package as CyanSiam believes that to provide a top class service we need to maintain your property to the highest standard.

What's included?

 Weekly visit to check the property inside & out. We endeavour to vary
   the day so as to check on staff
 Housekeeping checks and liaising with any staff employed
 Check on garden & pool maintenance suppliers
 Utilities check including Pest Control and Air Con maintenance
   and liaising with such
 Management of Bills, Salaries and Bill payments
 Maintenance and repair reports
 Quotations for maintenance and repairs
 Supervision of works
 Income (if applicable) and Expenditure quarterly report
 Emergency support

CyanSiam can provide staff and if you wish your property to go into the Holiday rental section we prefer to allocate a Housekeeper/Maid to each villa with a good command of english and cooking skills so that your guests have a more personal and relaxing experience. All our staff are provided with corporate uniforms.

Every property is individual in its requirements so to give you an idea basic costs start at 10,000 BHT a month for a one bedroom apartment.

Designed to take the stress out of property ownership, CyanSiam will maintain your property to the highest standard. Any major or minor problems will be dealt with first by keeping you informed, getting competitive quotations and by overseeing any work undertaken on site.


For a basic package, which includes a fortnightly interior and exterior check and subsequent report,the monthly cost is 5,000 THB for a one bedroom apartment.

CyanSiam are happy to tailor this package to your requirements and to provide quotations for individual tasks that require on site supervision, checks or payment.

3 Interior Design & Furnishing Package

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CyanSiam can provide you with a wide selection of interior solutions whether you have bought as an investment or wish to live in Phuket on a more permanent basis.
We will furnish your property to your budget and on time.
We have the experience to advise on type of furnishings for intended use, where to source everything required and also to listen to our clients wishes.
We offer simple furniture packages through to a complete bespoke service from design consultation at second fit through to complete furnishing. We are also happy to work with refurbishment and renovation projects.
Our furnishing packages include everything you need from bedroom fitments to cutlery, delivered and installed free of charge.


Please contact us for a tailored quotation to suit your exact requirements.

4 Rental Set Up Package

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Increase your Occupancy figures and frequency...

This package is designed to help you to set up your property for either holiday or long term rentals so you will achieve better occupancy figures. CyanSiam will advise on budget, purchase the items and deliver to your property. All of the services can be quoted for separately.

This package includes:

 Full inventory Report
 Maintenance Report
 Purchase Recommendations Report
   CyanSiam can either advise on where to purchase or purchase items
   on your behalf to further enhance your properties' appeal

 Linen & Towel Packs
   for holiday rentals we can provide full sets of linens and towels per
   bedroom (our Laundering Service is available at a nominal extra fee).

 Purchase Recommendations Report – to include Glasses, Cutlery,
   Crockery, Saucepans and Utensils

 Furniture Package – you may have individual items of furniture that need replacing


CyanSiam are happy to tailor this package to your exact requirements as each property differs in number of rooms, unique facilities and size. Please contact us for a quotation.

5 Estate Package

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Surprised how much your management fees have increased, wondering where the fees are going?

CyanSiam are happy to provide a detailed tender for managing your estate, including common areas. We also offer our Rental and Lettings services to any and all owners.

Owners wishing to sell can do so through the CyanSiam Property website.

6 5 Star Turnkey Package

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If you do not have the time to source your new home, either to buy or rent CyanSiam will find it for you.

Want to find the right property investment and rent it quickly and efficiently?

Or if you simply wish to walk into a fully furnished, fully staffed home take advantage of the Turnkey service – everything you require will be waiting for you.

This complete package includes everything needed to relocate to Phuket:

 Arrangements for your initial property viewing visit(s) to Phuket,
   including accommodation bookings/advice and transportation upon
   arrival & departure
 Accompanied viewings
 Visa advice
 Lawyers on hand to discuss Legal matters and procedures
 Supervision of shipment arrivals
 Personal transportation upon relocation arrival
 Contracts & Legal documentation for purchase or rental of property
 Purchase or rental of vehicles
 Arranging Insurance & Assurance if required
 Schooling information & placement if required
 Furnishing & Interior Design Packages
 Management & Maintenance Packages
 Staff sourcing


CyanSiam are happy to tailor this package to your exact requirements, please contact us for a quotation.