Traditional Thai Dance

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thailand traditional danceThe Thai traditional dances are defined by their gracious and hypnotic hand movements and intricate costumes. A story is told using hand movements and poses to convey a separate meaning or emotion such as love, anger, happiness or sorrow.

The elegantly performed traditional Thai dance varies in many forms from district to district but are generally under the umbrella of two main categories; the classical dance and the folk dance.

Dating back about a 1000 years, the classical dance was primarily exclusive to the royal court. One of the genres of classical dance drama is Khon performed with masked dancers accompanied by a narrator; and the frequently staged Ramakien (Glory of Rama) mythical epic could be held over 5 days.

Folk dance was developed on the back of the classical dance, borrowing many of its techniques, and made available to the masses. The stories told often relate to the daily lives of rural folk interpreting rice planting and harvesting and religious rituals through dance.

In Phuket, Thai dance shows are performed in various hotels around the island and can also be seen at Phuket FantaSea and Phuket Orchid Garden & Thai Village. Classical Thai dance lessons are given at Phenkhae School Phuket.

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