‘Don’t Thai To Me’

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politcal unrest bangkok phuket thailand new phrase dont thai to meNew slang words and phrases enter languages all the time – ‘Selfie’ was named word of the year for 2013 by Oxford Dictionaries after its usage increased by 17,000% over the last 12 months. The Selfie, a picture taken of one self normally with a smart phone or webcam, beat other contenders such as ‘Twerk’ and ‘Bitcoin’. The word’s origin has been traced back to an Australian who wrote on an online forum in 2002 – “Sorry about the focus – it was a selfie”. A new phrase that is reportedly being used around Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore is “ don’t Thai to me ”. The derogatory term obviously replacing Lie or Cheat me. Understandably some Thais are a bit aggrieved by this. With the ongoing political conflict and protests in Bangkok it seems that even Thais have taken to using this term on social media sites criticizing their politicians. The former deputy prime minister, Somkid Jatusripa, even mentioned the new phrase in a speech given at the Thai Chamber of Commerce’s 31st annual conference in Trang. Mr. Somkid fears that political and judicial conflicts could turn Thailand into a failed state and believes the people have lost faith in the government. The phrase is rather unkind to the majority of Thais who use white lies out of politeness and have an aversion to answering a question with ‘I don’t know’ to save face. Thus many a person asking for directions, for example, will literally be led up the wrong garden path.

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