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In Phuket today, following Monday’s scare, a full scale alert has been issued in Mai Khao resulting in the beach being closed to swimmers. A man was spotted out to sea wearing a pair of hideous Crocs some distance from the beach. The Thai Fashion Police (Marine Division) were deployed in a brightly coloured, yet tasteful, Prada rib and circled the offending swimmer for at least half an hour in the hopes of dissuading him from coming ashore without ditching the shoes. As yet he is still at large and thought to have paddled back to the mangrove swamps from which he emerged but officials are warning other tourists, ex-pats and locals alike to stay indoors and under no circumstances to visit any beachside stalls who may be selling either genuine or counterfeit Crocs. As you will, no doubt, all agree this form of footwear should never be worn in either polite or impolite society. Please do not be tempted to enter any public area sporting these dreadful fashion disasters.

The good news is that a possible solution to the immediate problem has been found by releasing a 2.5 metre freshwater crocodile from Pru Jae Son Lake into the sea in the same area – these reptiles are reknowned for having very little taste so should not shy away from a free snack.

In a previous blog we discussed the thai tradition of leaving shoes outside places of worship, shops and homes but forgot to mention that this custom only came about after the advent of crocs in order that they could be disposed of quickly and humanely without the owners knowledge. Phuket’s charitable organisations are working hard to neuter all breeding pairs found straying to prevent an infestation of disastrous proportions.

For the full (Ed: and slightly more accurate) story please visit the Phuket Gazette

Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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  1. Eight Ace says:

    Isn’t it true that in Phuket you’re allowed to wear Crocs so long as you are also wearing a wifebeater and budgie smugglers?