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dragonboat_1 dragonboat_3 dragonboat_2 Dragonboat paddling has been in existance for more than 2,000 years, originally for warfaring, ceremony and tradition but in 1976, with the first international event, became an internationally recognised sport originating via Hong Kong and its Tourism Board.

In Phuket there is one official club, the ‘Phuket Dragons’ based in Rawai in the south of the island. Established in 2011 they train weekly from a beautiful and secluded beach, Laem Ka, adjacent to the old Evason Hotel on Viset Road.

If you have never tried paddling in a dragonboat race or training session, you have no idea how thrilling and exhilerating it can be. Unlike most other competitive sports there are no key players, simply teamwork – if all paddlers are synchronised the boat travels across the water at its fullest potential.

The club has two boats, each holding a maximum of twenty paddlers to provide the power, one drummer, trainer to beat the rhythm and shout encouragement and one steersman (helm) to guide the boat.

Dragonboating caters for any age (within reason!), and level of fitness with very little in the way of language barrier as the commands are simple, being able to count does help though.

Last Year the team travelled to Penang, Malaysia for the International Dragon Boat Festival, representing Phuket and Thailand and are hoping to do so in 2013.

Dragonboat Training Schedule

Sunday: 4.30pm – 6.00pm    Wednesday: 4.30pm – 6.00pm

  • 4.30pm Laem Ka Beach, onshore excercise
  • 5.00pm Launch the boat and Train for approximately 1 hour
  • 6.00pm Stow the boat and cool down – post training socialising at the local bar
Phuket Dragons dragonboat_4welcome new members with open arms. They have paddlers from across the globe, Thailand, Canada, UK, USA, Australia, Russia, Germany, Egypt, New Zealand for example. Some members are motivated by the competitive aspects of racing combined with the physical excercise plus teamwork, some to be out on the open sea in beautiful conditions as the sun begins to set on this lovely island and other members simply enjoy the social side of one of the few clubs on Phuket.

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